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Everyone wants to compete in pool. However, sometimes those players that win every tournament scare a lot of players off. This is why we created an enhanced format of play. This ensures that you will play only players within your skill level range. Additionally, that teams have to be built with a balance of beginner, accomplished, and high-end players. This gives any properly built team a chance at the trophies and money in the handicap format. Points are earned during matches that leads you and your team to victory. Never give up and never say die in the world of Pool and Billiards. Speak with your league operator to learn more!


This format is for the higher end players who want a straight up race to format in competition. This format will in most cases be a race to 5 format. First one to win 5 racks wins the match. Points are still earned for your team. The idea is to not give up no matter the situation so your team can earn as many points towards first place as possible. Speak with your league operator to learn more!


Who does not love a bit of good one on one competition in Pool and Billiards? We will be working with our league operators to ensure regular tournaments are being hosted in your area. Many of these tournaments will be skill level based with a simple race to format in skill level-based brackets. Other tournaments formats will be open competition with no skill level enhancements. A simple race to a specified number of racks, and you could face any level of skill in a player during competition. This way no matter what you desire we have something for you in 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 10 Ball, and 14.1 (Straight Pool). We will be looking to work on a One Pocket format soon! Speak with your league operator to learn more!

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