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Our League was born out of the constant discussion of why pool leagues didn’t payout what they should to the players. The leadership of pool leagues along with their local operators were making out well but not much is shared with the players. We at ACI payout 50% of all fees locally. We also put funds into an annual event that pays out 100% of that fund to the players.

The other issue we took notice of was the Semitic problem with sandbaggers and rude and aggressive players in the top handicapped pool leagues in the United States. Additionally, the lack of any kind of enforcement by their leadership to deal with the problems. ACI put together a unique mathematical formula to determine the true abilities of players in handicap format divisions. We also have non handicap division formats available. Lastly, we cover unsportsmanlike conduct well in our rule book. This gives the main office and local leadership the ability to deal with serious issues when they arise.

Our Formats

We offer handicap and non-handicap format divisions in each of our games.
This allows everyone an opportunity to complete in the format and game they want in pool and billiards.
The choice is up to the players.

An all time favorite for centuries. Inquire about starting or joining an 8 ball division in your area today.

The game of 9 ball is in our opinion the main game played in tournaments around the world. It is only fitting that we offer 9 ball in our league.

A popular rung game for many years. We offer 10 ball to our players in both handicap and nonhandicap formats.

14.1 or straight pool is only offered in non-handicap formats for our players. This is more aimed for our higher level players.

ACI Values

  • Creativity
    Our skill level formula helps players understand their strong points and where they need to improve. This helps buil players’ skills over time.
  • Innovation
    Our comprehensive rule book covers all aspects of game play. We took strong steps to ensure all situations would be detailed out for all to understand. We intend to build upon that high standard over the years from feedback.
  • Professionalism
    We will keep all lines of communication open between the players and the main office. We will work together to keep the league polished and strong.
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Built By Players For Players.

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